Our Team

Image of Christina Davenport - JMI Resource President

Christina Davenport

Professional Pic of Eliseo Campos, Operations Manager of JMI Resource Staffing Agency Florida

Eliseo Campos

Operations Manager
Professional Pic of Desiree Velez, JMI Resource Development Manager in Tampa Bay

Desiree Velez

Business Development Manager - Tampa Bay
Image of Kaylee Memon, JMI Resource Senior Recruiter in Tampa Bay Florida

Kaylee Memon

Senior Recruiter - Tampa Bay
Image of Richard Irrizary, JMI Resource Business Development Manager in Cocoa Florida

Richard Irizarry

*US Marine Corps
Business Development Manager - Cocoa


Business Development Manager - Lakeland
Image of Rayshaun Fowler, JMI Resource VOP Account Manager in Alachua FL

Rayshaun Fowler

Account Manager - Alachua
Image of Richard Bayless, JMI Resource Recruiter for Pasco/Hernando Counties

Richard Bayless

*US Marine Corps
Recruiter – Pasco/Hernando Counties
Image of Eli Martinez, JMI Resource Staffing Agency's Account Manager in Sarasota Florida

Eli Martinez

*US Army
Account Manager - Sarasota
Image of Jessica Rodriguez, JMI Resource Staffing Agency Account Manager in Sarasota FL

Jessica Rodriguez

Assistant Account Manager - Sarasota
Image of Carlethia Williams, JMI Resource Staffing Agency's Senior Recruiter in Jacksonville FL

Carlethia Williams

Senior Recruiter - Jacksonville
Professional Pic of Reina Robinson, JMI Resource Payroll and Accounting Clerk

Reina Robinson

Payroll Manager & Accounting Clerk
Professional Pic of Debbie Corona, Payroll Lead of JMI Resource Staffing Agency Florida

Debbie Corona

Payroll Lead
Image of Maria Garcia - JMI Resource - Office Administrator - Tampa Bay

Maria Garcia

Office Administrator