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Permanent and Temporary Florida Staffing Agency

Whether you are a professional searching for jobs in Florida, or an employer seeking the best talent for your growing organization, JMI Resource is here for you!

JMI Resource is built around 8 Core Values through which everything we do is filtered. With these values at the forefront, we are committed to helping people find jobs that they will love and matches their God given skill set. And we are also committed to helping companies connect with individuals who have the skillsets to accomplish that company's specific needs.

The sectors listed below are some of the ones that we specialize in. To see a Full List, please visit the main Job Seekers or Employers respective page.

John Hanson

Single Stream Recyclers

"...JMI is our only source for manpower. Our entire workforce from management, admin and labor are the employees of JMI The On-Site Account manager position now belongs to Erik Hudson who continues the proud tradition and course of action that was previous established. With this arrangement, I am able to start my day and concentration solely on plant efficiencies and getting our product out the door. I do not have to spend my time with the day to day responsibilities of filling labor vacancies and managing our workforce.
JMI is one reason for our success with our labor workforce. As we look to grow, I feel extremely comfortable using JMI in further expansion to other sites In Florida. JMI will be the sole provider once again in our next facility.
As the owner of SSR, I feel extremely fortunate to have this partnership with JMI. Without any hesitation, I would recommend them to any business looking to eliminate the issues of shortages, turnover and personnel problems that exist within their company.
Thank you to the team of JMI Resource."

Charles Hobson

Alachua County

"As the previous Division Manager of the SP Recycling Corporation and now as Plant Manager of the Material Recovery Facility for Alachua County I have had the privilege of working with Marty and his staff since March 2007.

JMI has been an instrumental partner with both entities in providing our facilities with good and qualified employees. My business relationship with JMI has always been extremely positive and beneficial to our production needs. JMI has worked very close with our team of supervisors to insure that the service provided always exceeded what we needed and expected.

With the requirements fluctuating from week to week and sometimes shift to shift throughout the year, JMI has always displayed a great deal of professionalism, flexibility and willingness to assist us with the flexible workforce that Alachua County Material Recovery Facility requires.
As the Plant Manager I feel extremely fortunate to have this partnership with Marty and the JMI Team. Without any hesitation I would recommend them to any other business looking to eliminate the issues of shortages, turnover and personnel problems that exist in any company."

Xavier Watson

Waste Management

"It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of JMI Staffing. Our Waste Management location has been using JMI Staffing as our only source of temporary staff for the past 2 years, and have always been completely satisfied with their performance.

JMI provides for all of our Temporary Skilled and Unskilled staffing needs with up to 100 temps at peak times, and 50-60 during low season. They have done an excellent job in keeping up with the staffing challenges and demands of our industry. Having JMI's on-site account manager has helped us tremendously and has been instrumental in the timely and accurately handling of staffing needs and other staffing related issues.

I'm happy to recommend the services of JMI Staffing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me."

Julie Bassett

Manatee County

"JMI and Evelyn Mendez-Ruiz have provided us with numerous temporary employees over the last 2 years. They are very quick to respond to our requests and we are very happy with their level of service to Manatee County Government!

Evelyn is a favorite 'go-to' for many departments in our organization."

Mission: "To be the employment solution to our workforce and clients by our daily commitment to always keep people first."

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